STICKYRICECAKES.COM is a free web tool for calculating loan repayments and helping you understand, plan and predict loan outcomes.

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What is Sticky Rice Cakes?

Sticky Rice Cakes is a kind of food that made from sticky rice, it is very popular in southen Asia. It's an alternative option when people want to eat something different to rice or noodles.

Well... Telling the truth, I had no idea on how to name this website, so I decide to name it as one of my favorite food...

From Forrest Gump

On this website, you will find some tools I developed for myself not long ago. Those tools helped me calculate the influence when my home loan condition changed, and also helped me predict how soon I would pay off my mortagage when offset account was involved. During my development of those tools, I did quite a few research and googling, but I could not find any tool that could trace offset accounts or provide accurate and preditive results based on real-time information. Certainly, when you have loans with banks, the banks have all this information, but it's unlikely that banks will provide their tools to their customers. I am gradually developing this website and migrating my tools online, so hopefully they will be useful for Australian people.

Contact Forrest Gump

If you would like to leave any feedbacks or suggestions, please email the author FORREST GUMP at below email address. I will keep improving this website and its tools, any advise is very welcomed.



The information provided by loan repayment calculators on this website should be treated as a guide only, and not be relied on as true indication of your home loan repayments, or a quote or indication of pre-qualification for any home loan product. All tools on this website are for loans in Australia only.

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2017-09: Add 'Weekly' and 'Offset' to loan comparison tool.

2017-09: Add 'Difference' and 'Q & A' sections in major pages.

2017-09: Fix bugs of result breakdowns tables.

2017-09: Add 'Weekly' to Calculator & Simulator.

2017-09: Add 'Insterest Only' to Repayment Simulator.

2017-09: Update new display styles.

2017-09: Fix bugs of charts.

2017-08: Website is online.